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Providing Ongoing Support

“It’s not just ‘Here are the devices, figure out how to use them.’ We’re learning how to do it for life.”

After each student receives a computer, we continue building relationships with the schools. UNDA Learning Specialists, many of whom are former teachers and maintain teaching certificates, provide administrators, teachers, and students with tailored, onsite support and guidance to help them reach their goals.

We also support teachers with online classroom workshops taught by UNDA distinguished educators and team members. And with UNDA Digital Toolkits, teachers, educators have a free, self-paced learning program to build skills on tablets or computation devices.

At the Digital Literacy Center, youth programs continue to evolve with a wide array of apprenticeship towards Tech-based careers. At first, UNDA Digital was a resource for questions about his new technology.

Community academic institutions look to UNDA Digital Toolkits for ideas to enhance his lessons and his students’ learning. Through a series of workshops, he’s discovering how other apps can help students incorporate interactive programming, productivity, and video production into their classes. “They’re giving us support and we’re learning. It’s not a one-time thing,” said Rebecca, UNDA Learning Specialist, and full-time student tutor at UC Riverside. “The learning keeps getting better.”