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Even the savviest of techies failed this phishing detection test by Google

Google’s Jigsaw unit published a quiz that tests users’ abilities to identify phishing emails. The quiz tests you on a series of emails to see if you can distinguish telltale signs of phishing.

In a blog post, Jigsaw explains that phishing is the most common form of cyber attacks and stated that one percent of all emails sent every day are phishing attempts to steal confidential information by disguising the email with a sophisticated look-alike.

This test was developed with the help of 10,000 journalists, activists, and political leaders using the most recent and refined attempts.

In 2017, US government officials were subject to Russian phishing captured by a Google Doc look-alike email that was sent to Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager in 2016 AP reported.

How Russian hackers pried into Clinton campaign emails

WASHINGTON (AP) – It was just before noon in Moscow on March 10, 2016, when the first volley of malicious messages hit the Hillary Clinton campaign. The first 29 phishing emails were almost all misfires. Addressed to people who worked for Clinton during her first presidential run, the messages bounced back untouched.

With the launch of Google’s phishing test as a response to many similar incidents eroding public trust in the Alphabet, Facebook and basically every other technology company, Google plans to train millions of people on signs that verify the legitimacy of email sources with the help of a few monumental tips that may save your information from being stolen by anyone with an internet connection and bad intentions. Many Americans are still not as digitally literate as many would hope, thus making this education tool even a more important one.

“Jigsaw is a subsidiary that is an experimental incubator project within Google aimed at tackling broad geopolitical problems in the tech space, often through relatively simple microsites and software projects. In the past, the group has produced troll-detecting software, an open-sourced tool to help media organizations provide journalists with VPNs, and AI tools that filter out the abusive language,” said Shannon Liao a reporter with Verge told UNDA.

Take the test to find if you’re at risk

Take Jigsaw’s Phishing Quiz

Can you spot when you’re being phished? Identifying phishing can be harder than you think. Take the quiz to see how you do.