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2019 Digital Highlights.

Digital Equity Starts in the Classroom.

Our mission in the coming year remains the same – to deliver quality digital skills instruction for all levels of learners – but we can’t do it without you, your feedback, and your commitment to education. So happy new year and thank you. Let’s review a few of the highlights from 2019.

Finding community. Building partnerships.

In October, Applied Digital Skills by Google launched a pilot program so we partnered with six community colleges locations across the county to bring its curriculum to help kids prepare for college and the workforce. We’re excited to announce that the pilot program proved so successful that we’ll be bringing our online curriculum to 4,600 students across the state. We’ll help students staff and educators integrate our lessons into their existing programs.

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Our commitment to adult learners

This past year, we have made a concerted effort to improve our adult learner curriculum, including building out our offerings for veterans, small business owners, and Spanish speakers. Our goal is to always provide lessons that have a practical application in the real world. Consider Chereya Evans, a DTLA resident who has used Applied Digital Skills to add skills to her resume and make herself more marketable. Read more about her story below.

Her Story


Save the date

Digital Learning Day (DLDay) is just around the corner on February 27. Since 2012, DLDay has provided a powerful platform for the education community to showcase innovative teachers, leaders, and instructional technology programs. We love celebrating digital learning, so keep an eye out for our DLDay programming, coming soon. And, if you participate with your students, consider using Applied Digital Skills lessons when you do!