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Explore the world with Google Arts & Culture

Friday Khalo by Digital Skills for Unda Creative Group

We’ve teamed up with Google Arts & Culture to launch a new collection of lessons that can help your students learn digital skills. Take your students on a series of virtual trips that explore the mind of an artist, the history of a palace, the mystery of space, and more. See full collection

Take the Grand Tour   Go on a scavenger hunt through Italy Inspire a love of culture by facilitating a digital scavenger hunt in Google Slides that takes students on a tour of Italy’s art and history. See how 

Discover Frida   Make art inspired by Frida Kahlo and Mexico Encourage budding artists as students create pixel art in Google Sheets based on the works of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Get inspired 

Tour the Space Shuttle   Make your own Space Shuttle adventure Spark an interest in space studies by encouraging students to create an adventure story about the Space Shuttle Discovery in Google Slides. Explore it 

See Versailles   Quiz classmates about the Palace of Versailles Teach students about history as they quiz their classmates on facts about France’s Palace of Versailles in Google Forms. See lesson 

Explore Kenya   Explore the history of humankind in Kenya Open their minds to anthropology as students build word puzzles based on the origins of humankind in Kenya using Google Sheets. Learn more