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As tuitions continue to rise, more and more students are asking if college is worth it. According to the statistics, the answer is yes – to the tune of $1 million more in earnings over a lifetime. And that doesn’t even account for network-building, exposure to new opportunities, and personal growth. Going to college affords students more choices as they mature into adulthood. So we put together our College Readiness Collection to help your students jump-start their application process.

Organize College Applications in Google Sheets: Create a spreadsheet to track and organize college applications using Google Sheets.

Draft an Application Essay: Write a college application essay using Google Docs to jump-start the application process.

Search for Colleges Online: Gather data about college choices by conducting an online search and recording the data in a spreadsheet in Google Sheets.

Prepare for a College Interview: Collaborate with a partner in a document to prepare for potential interviews.

Prepare for the FAFSA: Organize documents and other important information in a spreadsheet for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Ask Someone to Be a Reference: Use Google Sheets to compile a list of potential references, then write an email to each asking for their recommendation.

The college application process has a lot of steps. These lessons help students tackle them one at a time and build confidence, knowledge, and application assets as they go.