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Insight Strategy

We use qualitative research both for blue sky exploration and for diving deep and finding nuance. Our approaches range from structured to ethnographic and behavioral methods, inspired by the social sciences and infused with our own creativity.

Cross Cultural Creative Development

From universal audience appeal to nuanced cultural executions, UNDA creative sparks an emotional connection between a brand and its consumers. Our team builds integrated campaigns that come to life across traditional and virtual environments seamlessly.

Media Planning and Buying

Holistic channel planning captures a consumer’s attention at the moment that they are primed to engage with a specific message. Dynamic data resources guide and report the perfect placement across digital, social and traditional spaces.

Multi-Platform Production

From rapid response social content to theatrical broadcast, the UNDA producers bring creative concepts to life across every medium. Our team seamlessly manages all aspects of production and talent from concept to traffic.

Digital Engagement

In the dynamic virtual world, UNDA's digital team delivers results through innovative paid and owned content. Combining technical expertise, creativity and brand sensitivity, our digital engagement experts create, active and track campaigns across this fast-evolving landscape.

Social Media

The UNDA Social team leverages the power of social media through careful audits, compelling content and proactive moderation to engage consumers in a reciprocal conversation that deepens brand affinity and activates advocacy. We build relationships through real-time customer interactions.