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Internet For All Now

The Information Gap is Real.

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Resources with UNDA Digital

Bridging the digital divide will require more than devices and connectivity. We must also equip teachers with the skills, tools, and training they need to use that technology effectively in the classroom. That’s why we launched the UNDA Digital Literacy—a pilot that’s part of our ongoing commitment to ensure the benefits of technology reach every classroom. The program supports high-need districts as they launch and grow technology coaching programs. Through our innovation approach Digital Literacy Toolkits model, our instructors provide personalized work alongside parent’s to help them identify and implement innovative technology practices in their businesses.

Supporting undeserved schools and communities

Hundreds of education applications work with Google Classroom. These integrations save teachers and students time, and make it seamless to share information between Classroom and their favorite apps.

Digital Initiatives

Helping equip the next generation with future skills

More than 65 percent of learners will work in jobs that don’t even exist today, but many aren’t yet developing the problem-solving skills and basic digital competencies they’ll need to be prepared for that future. We are providing grant funding to nonprofits, building programs to expand access to computer science education, and helping train more female and underrepresented students in computational thinking. It’s our goal to prepare every learner with the adaptive skills they need to tackle the future’s biggest challenges.


Making and design workshops for Latino leaders of the future. These introduce students to computational thinking and dispel misconceptions about CS.


Our flagship, project-based CS exposure program for incoming ESL students. This program includes two modules–CS and academic enrichment.

Computational rhythm

The rigorous development of Toolkit No. 1 for prospects seeking CS, academic enrichment, leadership development, and navigating the college application, college-going experience for students and their families. Each prospect receives a UNDA Digital Specialist mentor at their request.

Toolkit advantage

UNDA Digital Toolkits No. 1, 2, 3 are administered through as a program for youth, adults, and the elderly that builds on the foundations established in our community workshop surveys. The free program combines immersive experiences with emphasis on entrepreneurship, product development, and preparation for a post-secondary pathway in tech.


These once-a-week meet-ups for Latino businesses and high school youth, English as a Second Language, Elderly or physically impaired people are perfect for visionaries in the Digitize Your Business program or simply interested in STEM-related subjects. Clubs cover topics from tinkering to automation to virtual reality. Let us do something together.

Ongoing Webinars

Check out the wide array of subjects offered on our state of the art curriculum to address remote learning objectives for digital excellence.